Founded in 1953, the Westfield Jaycees is a group of local individuals volunteering time and effort to improve our community, with a particular focus in the future of our youth.   We are a 501(c) non-profit.

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Calendar of dinner meeting and events.

Fund-raising for our college scholarships & other needs:
Good deeds and programs we lead or have assisted:
  • Camp Jaycee
  • Child Shield
  • Children's Specialized Hospital's Halloween pumpkin painting
  • Children's Specialized Hospital's summer barbeque
  • Furniture Assist
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Haunted House at Memorial Pool
  • Helmet Safety
  • Lord & Taylor Benefit Bash
  • Pizza Run
  • Mindowaskin Park clean-up
  • Rec Room at the Armory, painting
  • Reeve House clean-up
  • September 11th Memorial semi-annual clean-ups
  • Train station clean-up, painting over graffeti
  • Will Kehler Fund
The good deeds we do have varied over the years - any member of the Westfield Jaycees can propose an idea.  Many of our projects are also good for fathers to bring their children or uncles to bring nephews and nieces - young children come to park clean-ups and older ones might help at a Habitat for Humanity house. 

"It gets my husband out of the house." - Jane

"When I was a high school senior, I got a small $500 grant for college.  At that time, my family really could use the money but more important, it gave me a great boost of confidence in my continuing education and for my future.  It wasn't from a Jaycee organization but that doesn't matter.  Helping the Westfield Jaycees raise money for college scholarships is a way to pay back." - Jim

"Camp Jaycee is great.  Dads and kids.  My kids look forward to it all year.  They talk about it more than our trip to Disney World." - Bob

"You meet guys from outside your normal circle of friends, family, and place of worship.  And doing something together - like running a car raffle or pumpkin painting at the Children's hospital - is doing something more than what you could do on your own." - Dave

"The Jaycees have everything.  If you need a dentist, a pediatric dentist, lawyer, landscaper, computer guy, graphic artist, insurance salesman, shipping expert, general contractor, mattress manufacturer, educator, financial advisor, accountant, acupuncturist, architect, electrical engineer, printer, or realtor there is someone that does that.  And you can get great recommendations for anything." - John